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Our Leadership Team

  • Armando Pantoja Chief Architect

    With over 15 years of Software and Web development, the only thing more expansive than AJ's skill set is the breadth of his client list. (Intel, Home Depot, Lowes, Hooters). A.J. provides the engineering view of the users' vision while maintaining the integrity of the client's vision as it evolves during detailed design and implementation.

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  • Stan Napinkski Lead Software Engineer

    Stan is our lead Software Engineer for multiple concurrent projects. Stan is a expert at software/network security and is extremely knowledgeable with programming with multiple language proficiencies and ability to pick up new languages in a snap. Holding several post graduate degrees, Stan is able to complete what many others cannot.

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  • Michael Cygan Lead Developer (Web)

    Michael has been involved in the successful completion of over 50 web/software applications and websites. Michael specializes in interface development & data driven applications. He has successfully applied these skills to a variety of projects, including LegacyForest.com and HootersCalendar.com.

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  • Chavaly Rodriguez Interactive Design Director

    Chava has a deep understanding of design principles, HTML5, CSS3, and responsive and adaptive design techniques. She has been involved with art and creativity since she was very young, and nothing excites her more than utilizing her skills as a web developer. She holds two B.S. degrees: one in Advertising and Graphic Design, the second in Web Design/ Development.

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